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Aixeena Easy CCK is a Joomla plugin that lets you to have an easy way to add extra fields to your Joomla 3 articles, categories and menus.

This CCK plugin works with Joomla XML Forms Fields.

Aixeena Easy CCK

  • Is a very simple but useful Joomla CCK, which allows you to adapt to the needs of your projects in a fast and agile way.
  • Have an important advantage from other CCKs: is no need to install any extra table, nor any new field, nor have to perform any new database to query. 
  • Works by harnessing the power of the Joomla core. 
  • Only a small plugin is installed, do not install any components.  

Light, powerful, intelligent ...  Aixeena Easy CCK

Setting the CCK

1. Enable Aixeena CCK plugin

2. Configure Aixeena CKK plugin

New in 1.1.0 version!!!!!
Now you can 
have different fields in an article depending on the category.
You can also hace different fields on each category.

Configure the CCK to give extra fields to your core articles, core categories or core menu-items.

There are three different tabs to enable or disable each option.

Now in version 1.1.0 you can enable the automatic custom option for articles and categories. 

The articles Form Fields must have a fields tage with name "attribs":  <fields name="attribs">
The categories Form Fields must have a fields tage with name "params":  <fields name="params">
The menu items Form Fields must have a fields tage with name "params":  <fields name="params">

(There are three file examples, one for each option)

Entering data in the fields

After the plugin installation and configuration you can access to the extra fields on the article/category/menu item form tabs:
(look at the Extra content and Extra content 2 tabs... this are the tabs where you can place your custom fields)


Showing the extra fields on the Frontend 

And finally, how we show the extra fields on the front end?

1. Articles

The Aixeena CCK articles extra fields are stored on the Joomla #__content attrbs field, so you must show the as other attributes:

$attrb = json_decode($this->item->attribs);
echo $attrb->fieldname;

2. Categories and menu items

The Aixeena CCK categories and menu items extra fields are stored on the Joomla params fields (o each table), so you must show the as other params:

$this->params->get('fieldname')) or $params->get('fieldname'))


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