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Do you like our work?

Aixeena have been developing GNU extensions for Joomla since 2008.
Since then, have been downloaded more than 200.000 free and open source extensions.

Do you want to help us to continuing developing open source Joomla extensions?

The open source development needs the user collaboration
There are a lot of development work hours behind the extensions you can easy download and use in multiple sites.

How can you help us

By making a donation...
You can help us with a donation. All the donations received will be spent on open source development.
The price of a cup of coffe is all we need.
If our GNU extensions are useful to you, please take a minute to keep the project alive.



Helping to spread aixeena...

Help us to let the people know our work. If you find useful our extensions sharing, and writing about them will be a great help for us!
Share our work if it was helpful in your projects!!!


Writing a review on JED...

If you find useful our extensions writing a review on JED will be a great help for us!
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